Yoga For Heart Diseases

Yoga is best for heart even heart attack and after heart failure there is no chance of come it again as most of the persons dies with heart attack second or 3rd time that 2nd and 3rd time  chances get zero.

At this modern there is no age factor that determined heart diseases and heart attack. 

  • Poor eating habit
  • Non- exercising
  • Stress – anxiety 
  • Heredity factor 
  • Poor nutrients 
  • Poor routine of eating sleeping study working 
  • More intoxication habits from adulthood 
  • Environment intoxication  

By medical yoga + heart chakra + controlling rhythm  and controlling our nostril  and meditation and good parnayama  and herbal and home remedies and heart disease can ne permanently cured.

As yoga reduces and ultimately eliminates all the factors that came heart problem following factor:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety to maximum lower blood pressure 
  • increasing  lungs capacity 
  • lower bad cholesterol level
  • improved heart rate  
  • boost  blood circulation  
  • Controlling automatic and endocrine nervous system
  • tone and strengthen heart muscle 
  • detoxification and removing all the blockage 
  • waste Accumulation  in the heart vessels .
  • Reduces the health and flexibility of heart blood vessels and promote  of  heart blood vessels and promote  good  blood flow.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Controlling Endocrine

Our yoga study is very different from other Yoga style  as it is Acting on the Heart problem, that is stress  and Anxiety and Non- Balancing of pituitary , Hypothalamus   and mainly subconscious mind.