Yoga for Mental Disorders

Special Yoga for stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar and OCD

yoga for Stress and depression
  • In this Yoga style group of specific asana and proper sequence is done with proper breath work – control of breath, rhythm of breath, depthness of breath is done because all type of psychological disorders are due to the negative diversion of मन and no one is able to see the मन. And if you want control your मन than take it real brother of your breath. And if you are able to control your breath you can control your मन totally and with this your will get victory over all your psychological problems.
  • In this also included Chakra balancing of crown chakra is done as all psychological problems are due to unbalance of crown chakra.
  • Balancing of crown chakra is done by various oils, mantra, specific asana, some crystal and gem.
  • Yog Nidra is also given as yog for purifying the subconscious mind as all psychological problems are associated with subconscious mind. As from our childhood all get accumulated and it is major cause of stress, anxiety and depression.

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