Yoga For Migraine and Sinus Headache

Migraine sinus headache are inter linked and can be cured permanently by combination sound therapy + mantra meditation acupressure+ medical yoga + pranayam and medicated oil massage 

Advance Yoga Therapy

  • Improve blood and  O2 circulation in skull  and brain 
  • Opens energy channels  of skull   
  • Reduce C.S.F pressure 
  • Control blood pressure of brain 
  • Open energy  of skull and facial muscle and never :- increasing  electrical  activities  and magnetic  activities  of brain 
  • Smoothness  the neurons  and never of brain 
  • Relaxes the muscle of skull,  forehead and facial muscle 
  • Open nadis of skull and facial muscles and nerves. 
  • Yoga for back pain neck pain,  knee pain and scitica

By perfect sequencing and modification of yoga asans  according to pain intensity if combined very perfect with physiotherapy and acupressure and medical massage and herbal and home remedies , these back  pain , neck pain and knee pain , sciatica slip disc can be permanently cured without any side effects. In our therapy program all are given in combined form it :