Online Classes

  • Our online classes are conducted live on a daily basis live streaming and Home yoga classes will be taken by Dr. Ankush Kaushik  and his highly experienced  and expert  team in different types of yoga styles. This yoga classes are with extensive care, cautions  and precautions of the patient problem done via Skype, Google -hangouts, Google duo, zoom app. It will be single one to one class or group of family member only .
  • All slots are available from all 24 hours according to availability   of time of patients  and and client time slot are adjusted based on your requirements

What specialize in our online yoga classes .

  • Proper  consultation and assessment  of patient  and client.
  • Free demo
  • Complete fulfillment of  requirement in minimum  time 
  • Read time troubles shooting 
  • One to one or group batches choice is yours
  • As per your convenience

Know Something About Your Own Yoga Instructor

Dr. Ankush Kaushik has completed PHD in Yoga and Meditation with gold medal and is master in various alternative therapies like accu-pressure, physiotherapy, Medical Massage, Herbal and Home Remedies and is an Ex- Cheif and Head of Department of Medical Yoga in Patanjali and and Sivananda Yoga for 8 years. Dr. Kaushik has an experience of 18 years. He has done research in various diseases which are not treated by modern medical science. He has treated more than 50,000 patients of Chronic an untreated diseases like Kidney, Cancer , Liver, IBS, Stress, Depression, by combining the medical yoga.

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Proper Consultation

Proper consultation and detailed assessment  of patient or client is done either all cautions and precautions  and detailed discussion of all detailed description  of program and therapy yoga with details assessment of 

  • All physical and mental illness and issue
  • Strength and flexibility levels
  • Breath hold capacity
  • Blood tests
  • Scan report

Free Demo

Free demo secession to tell physically all pattern and therapy  in details and understanding  level of client and patient  and checking the capacity of adopting the program.

After proper assessment and detailed requirement proper program is made by taking care  of 

  • Strength  and flexibly level
  • Endurance 
  • Caution and precaution
  • Disease  status

Complete Fulfillment of Required Time

So that requirement can be fulfilled very specifically to client and patient requirement can be done minimum time 

  • Time will be arranged and adjusted according to you. As we are open 24 hours.
  • Doubts and difficulties  can be sorted out in minimum  time by adjusting  and sequencing the asan ,  pranyama  therapy   according to patients and clients.

One To One or Group Choice is Yours

Initially start with one to one online your secession with Dr. Ankush Kaushik  .

Second phase can be small group after completing one to one session  with satisfactory performances

We are available !!
As Per Your

The Classes will be conducted according to your time slot and convenience. There is an advantage for you and your family i.e. if any member of your family needs or want to join the ongoing session with you than there is no extra or hidden charges will be charged from you.

Our Wonderful Packages

Therapy & Medical Yoga

Rs.799 per session


Rs. 499 per session

Yoga For

Rs. 699 per session

Daily Group Yoga Sessions

Rs. 999 per month
Mor & Eve - 6-7


Rs.699 per session

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