Therapy Yoga

Therapy Yoga is a specially designed yoga with the combination of Medical Yoga and herbal and home remedies with no side effects.

  • This yoga is a style that can cure all disease from root cause and all disease according to modern medical science. All diseases are due to lack of oxygen to that particular organ and due to that there is accumulation of free radical and oxidants due to fermented foods.
  • In this yoga style (Breath Hold Yoga) in which all asanas are done with maximum hold of breath so that maximum oxygen is supplied to heal it completely.
  • And at the same time we uses original home remedies and herbal remedies pure from Himalayas so that it heal the disease completely.

About Our Yogacharya

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  • It fulfills complete physical emotional & mental health.  
  • Supplies & fulfills the lungs, heart, liver, kidney, brain with lots of supply of oxygen & detoxify them completely from free radicles and waste products that is the main cause of coronavirus infection & boosts the immune system maximum so that it can fight every infection like coronavirus.
  • It reduces the symptoms of coronavirus – shortness of breath, headache, body pain, dizziness 
  • It relaxes and meditate your mind & make you totally stress free to fight with coronavirus.
  • It aids in secretion of digestive foods and promote your digestion so that you can provide the best digestion nutrients, vitamins & minerals that helps in fighting & avoiding entry of coronavirus by boosting your immune system maximum. 
  • Ancient & Traditional form of yoga originated by our Rishi’s
  • That kept them free from diseases and Mentally, Physically, & Emotionally fit till 1000’s of year without any type of medicines & treatments.
  • This form of yoga boosts your immunity 100X more
  • Best for energizing our system & keeps lungs healthy.
  • Best in removing all minor to major diseases from its root cause.
  • Removes free radicals, oxidants, poisonous waste product which is the main cause of diseases

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