Yoga For Kidney & Its Diseases

Kindness and its dysfunction can by totally controlled by yoga therapy. It increases  and improves  Filtration capacity  of kidneys.

Improve  capacity of reserving the important constitutes like protein , sodium , calcium, potassium.

Improve capacity of reserving water and excreting water when it is needed.

Avoid accumulation of waste product like urea, Uric acid and nitrogen   in body and excrete them out. 

Yoga For Diabetes, Thyroid, Blood Pressure, Asthama 

Diabetes, thyroid, B.P , asthma, can be controlled and cured completely by yoga therapy +  chakra  yoga meditation + herbal+ diet therapy .


For Diabetes

Increasing   secretion  of insulin from pancreas and regenerate pancreas cells that are dead or degenerated.

For Blood Pressure

Control cholesterol level and removes its accumulation in blood  vessels

For Thyroid

Control secretion  of thyroxin, T3 , T4 ,T5 hormone.

For Asthama

Remove all  allergens  and increases the immune system and boosts of  throat and lungs and bronchie and cure  asthma completely and increasing  diameter of respiratory tract and puffer  the respiratory tract and increasing lungs capacity.