Yoga Therapy for Digestive Disorders

All acute to chronic digestive  disorder can be cured permanently   by advance yoga therapy ,Manipura chakra  balancing diet therapy, meditation, diet therapy , Swar yoga, naval control ,detoxification ,cleansing technique  and herbal and home remedies . There is no permanent  only temporary symptomatic treatment is done by allopathic treatment.Most or more than 95% percent of 

Digestive Disorders are due to :-

  • stress anxiety and depression 
  • poor timings and routine 
  • poor eating habit (overeating)
  • Homeopathic herbal:-
  • Junk food eating habit 
  • night waking 
  • Aeronated drinks and Excessive alcohol intake

Basically digestive system is the is in main system which control all other body systems as it controls the and supply nutrient to all other body system and subconscious mind and in our therapy plan we are working more on the root came that is pituitary  and hypothalamus , and root cause  starts when the child is in womb up to adulthood but it is an hidden form but whenever his or her mental health decrease  due to environmental mental or physical stress any time in life the hidden root cause comes out and make the person ill.

What most the doctor weather Allopathic, Homeopathic , Ayurvedic. All treating the symptoms  and but not the roots cause the disease while the roots cause the disturbance its subconscious mind and in our Yoga Therapy